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PopRank combines the missing aesthetic metric in NFT appraisals with traditional rarity rankings to provide comprehensive insights into your favourite NFT collections.

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How It Works

The Hot Seat

Each round, two random NFTs will pop up, and you pick the one with the best aesthetic. Your choices affect each NFT contestant's Elo rating and the collection's rankings. The Elo rating, as popularized by the game of chess, is a metric used to rank competitors in zero-sum games.

Community is Everything

The more participation, the more representative the rankings are of the subjective tastes of you, the community, thereby producing a new metric for NFT collections. Aesthetic rankings may also serve as a tool for future giveaways, raffles, and competitions.


Shandy Sulen

Founder & Front-end Lead Developer

Ilan Rosen

Founder & Back-end Lead Developer

Ross Turner

Marketing & Communications

Stef Wynendaele



  • How do I pick the winner in the head-to-head battle of NFTs?

    If you're on desktop, click on the winner. If you're on mobile, tap on the winner.

  • Do I have to rate all pairs in a collection in order to impact the rankings?

    No! As an example, The Wicked Craniums consists of 10,762 items, which means there are 57,904,941 unique pairs. It would be wicked — to a criminal degree — if you had to go through all unique pairs. Rest assured, even a single head-to-head round will have an impact on the rankings, as long as you're connected with your web3 wallet.

  • Who can participate in the ranking of a collection?


  • Which wallets are supported on PopRank?

    MetaMask is the only supported wallet on PopRank. There is no guarantee that other wallets work with the site.

  • Are there any prizes or rewards for playing?

    We plan to issue rewards and prizes in future giveaways to active PopRank participants.

  • Do I need to own a collection's NFT in order to see the rankings for that collection?

    No! Anyone can view the rankings, if the rankings are made available.

  • What do the 🔥 and 💎 mean in the Rankings section?

    Each NFT in the collection is assigned an rank, represented by 🔥, and a rarity rank, represented by 💎. Each round played in the Play section will have an impact on the aesthetic rank of the NFT contestants involved, thus impacting the aesthetic rankings order over time. The rarity rankings will only change if the underlying rarity calculation changes. If this happens, we'll release an article transparently detailing the exact changes and why we made them.

PopRank determines aesthetic and rarity rankings within popular NFT collections. Our rankings are unofficial and should only be considered a guide to understanding the relative aesthetic within an NFT collection. Nothing on this site should be considered financial advice. Do your due diligence and use your best judgment. The PopRank team will not purchase NFTs from collections between the time of first contact with the collection owner regarding PopRank listing and one day after the subsequent listing on PopRank.
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